Marketing Analytics

From supporting new location openings to optimizing consumer traffic and top-line performance for existing locations, companies seeking answers to “who-based” questions look to Intalytics for marketing analytics and expertise. Our focus is on the development and implementation of customized solutions in support of your consumer acquisition, retention, and reactivation efforts, all aimed at optimizing your marketing spend while maximizing your reach.

We look forward to learning more about your marketing needs and to discussing how we might effectively partner in support of your ongoing outreach efforts.

Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling is the starting point for a deeper analytical approach to target marketing. This is the process by which your organization can more clearly understand the underlying demographic, psychographic, financial, and behavioral characteristics of customers you currently serve and of those you hope to attract, retain, and grow share-of-wallet with in the future. Intalytics leverages multiple household- and customer-level databases and an unparalleled Massive Mobile Data repository, providing a robust foundation for profile development efforts.

This analysis often includes the delineation of a “most valuable” subset of the customers that you currently serve, with profile insights available based on the proximity of consumers to your locations, as well as by more traditional RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) means. Distinct profiles can be generated based on the nature of your business, at a product and category level, a service level, etc.

Targeting Models

As you build marketing campaigns focused on improving the performance of existing locations and accelerating the ramp-up of pipeline locations, Targeting Models serve as the analytical engines that prioritize those individuals and households projected to provide the highest return for your marketing investment. Intalytics develops custom models that empower organizations to more intelligently target consumers for acquisition, retention, and reactivation campaigns.

Over time, these analytical engines transform into what are known as “responder” models. Employing a “measure, improve, measure” approach, Intalytics will adjust model variables to account for the characteristics of the consumers responding to your communications.

Models are constructed for organizations that serve both consumers and businesses alike, and can be utilized for both offline (direct mail) and online (IP targeting) purposes.

Data Services

As your datasets grow larger over time, ensuring that you are working with consumer datasets that are both accurate and complete becomes a critical concern. Intalytics provides a full range of Data Services, including hygiene processes, data enhancement, data appends, and more, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Data services can be provided on an as-needed basis, or can be provided in a more systematic fashion at the desired frequency that best suits your business.

Offline Targeting

Intalytics can generate direct mail lists through the application of Targeting Models to desired geographies or trade areas. Direct mail lists can also be fulfilled when no model exists. This occurs through the application of agreed upon “selects,” or selection criteria. From new mover data and consumer-level medical and dental ailment data, to utilization of Massive Mobile Data in groundbreaking ways, Intalytics can supply your organization with targeted lists that will increase the probability of success for your consumer acquisition campaigns.

Intalytics applies a number of hygiene processes (NCOA, DPV, deceased suppression, etc.) prior to fulfilling each list. Direct mail lists can be provided to you or to your print and postage fulfillment partners, and we will work with you to confirm desired file formatting and preferred secure transmission protocol prior to delivery.

Online Targeting

With IP targeting, Intalytics can deliver banner ads to consumers through the application of Targeting Models to desired geographies or trade areas. In circumstances where there is no existing model, impressions can be delivered to targeted consumers through the application of agreed upon “selects,” or selection criteria. From new mover data and consumer-level medical and dental ailment data, to our groundbreaking utilization of Massive Mobile Data, Intalytics can both facilitate and optimize your online targeting efforts.

Response Analysis

Detailed Response Analysis can be developed for any targeting campaigns where Intalytics has supported you with either offline or online fulfillment, assuming that appropriate back-end tracking and data feed mechanisms are in place. These analytics will effectively measure a particular campaign’s impact on your business, with return on investment (ROI) calculations provided across any number of relevant analytical measures, including by model rank (if a Targeting Model is in place), by proximity, etc. As part of any response analysis, Intalytics will isolate consumer “sweet spots,” those characteristics that differentiate responders from non-responders.

Marketing Datamarts

An actionable database developed exclusively for marketers, a Marketing Datamart serves as your repository for real-time insights into the consumers you serve, the effectiveness of your targeting campaigns, and performance trends related to your business. Intalytics will partner with you to design and construct a custom datamart that meets your needs and business requirements.

Each Marketing Datamart that Intalytics develops and maintains consists of the following components: feed maintenance, data hygiene, campaign management, and reporting and analytics.

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