While online banking has transformed how businesses and consumers alike interact with their financial institutions, the physical footprint of a bank’s network continues to serve as a vital mechanism through which relationships with clients are maintained and strengthened. Banks and ATMs remain an essential need for many consumers and businesses – from a desire to engage in face-to-face interactions covering deposits, investments, and loans, to the need for access to cash.

Predictive analytics can provide meaningful insights to guide your brick and mortar deployment strategies. From informing site selection efforts associated with new branch locations to understanding the impacts of branch closures, custom forecasting models from Intalytics quantify those factors that impact branch performance. With an extensive background supporting banking clients, we typically develop distinct models for both the consumer and business clients that you serve, with further breakouts by relevant product category (loans, deposits, investments, etc.).  

Banks inherently understand both the power and the importance of making a sound investment. By investing in a partnership with Intalytics, your organization will gain access to customized analytical solutions that maximize your returns while minimizing your risks.

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