Knowledge is power, and no industry understands this better than those providing education-oriented services. Your ability to harness the knowledge that predictive analytics can yield will prove critical to making informed site selection and marketing decisions.

Through the use of powerful household-level datasets that incorporate an array of demographic and psychographic attributes, Intalytics quantifies those factors that differentiate the households that you serve from the larger population of parents with children that you have the opportunity to serve. Combining these profiles with analyses that measure trade area extent, competitive impacts, and the site and situational characteristics of your centers result in predictive models that can forecast center performance and potential while identifying those households not currently served by your organization but worthy of your marketing investment.

Intalytics possesses significant experience working with childcare and education-focused brands and understands the unique nature of your industry. Formulate your site selection and customer acquisition strategies through a partnership with Intalytics.

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