Successful food retailing is predicated on providing exactly what local consumers need, in a location that is both convenient and accessible. The factors that impact successful store performance can vary significantly based on whether the operator is a conventional grocer or a specialty food retailer.

Intalytics understands the unique nature of these distinct formats, customizing the analytical services and solutions provided for each. Conventional grocers benefit from our fielded forecasting services, providing boots on the ground insight into the performance of local competitors and other factors that assist in quantifying the potential associated with new store deployments, as well as whether existing stores should be replaced or remodeled. Specialty grocers tend to appeal to specific consumer populations, rendering the traditional gravity modeling approaches used for conventional grocers largely ineffective. A more nuanced understanding of trade area extent, the demographic and psychographic makeup of consumers served, direct and indirect competitive impacts, site and situational characteristics, and other factors combine to form custom forecasting models used to inform real estate strategy and decision-making.

A partnership with Intalytics will ensure that an analytics firm with significant food retailing experience develops a customized solution that incorporates relevant third-party datasets and the appropriate modeling techniques.

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