Medical and dental providers alike benefit from leveraging predictive analytics – both to guide facility placement and to inform patient acquisition and retention strategies. From a market planning standpoint, solutions in the healthcare industry are developed use a variety of datasets (demographics, segmentation, competition, site characteristics) that serve as the foundational underpinnings of solutions in other industries. Healthcare also involves unique dynamics (payer mix, referral patterns, utilization preferences, etc.) that must be considered when determining the optimal positioning of physicians and facilities alike.

From a marketing perspective, healthcare providers enjoy a significant advantage over counterparts in other industries given the robust nature of patient data available for analytical use. Patient profiles and targeting models are beneficiaries of these data inputs – enabling more effective identification of non-patient households that your organization should be engaging, while more accurately quantifying the results from your targeting campaigns. Challenges that healthcare marketers are faced with include the episodic nature of many medical and dental needs, as well as the very personal nature of a patient’s relationship with a provider of care. These challenges further reinforce the need to employ analytical approaches to identifying and communicating with the “right” consumers.

Intalytics understands that your focus is on delivering quality care to the patients that you serve. A partnership with Intalytics will ensure that your organization benefits from powerful datasets, cutting-edge analytical techniques, and subject matter expertise, allowing you to focus on delivering quality care to the patients and trade areas that you serve.

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