Massive Mobile Data

As consumer adoption of location-based applications continues to accelerate, these applications are turning smartphones into powerful indicators of consumer activity. On a daily basis, billions of observations regarding the location of a particular device at any given point in time are being compiled, helping to inform real estate and marketing decision-making.

Intalytics is a pioneer in the use of what it terms “Massive Mobile Data,” data derived from location-enabled applications. Through our partnership with Cuebiq, the premier Massive Mobile Data compiler in North America, Intalytics has real-time access to device activity for tens of millions of consumers in the U.S. alone. By combining Massive Mobile Data with custom geofencing capabilities and third-party datasets, including parcel databases and household-level consumer data, Intalytics can generate meaningful insights for any point of interest, including existing locations, competitors, cotenants, potential deployment opportunities, and more.

For organizations that lack known customer data, Massive Mobile Data can be utilized to quantify both trade area extent and the demographic and psychographic profile of consumers visiting its existing locations.

While Intalytics has leveraged Massive Mobile Data on behalf of its clients for several years, new use cases for this data continue to emerge. Contact us to learn more about how Massive Mobile Data can benefit your organization.

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