From QSRs and fast casual operators to polished casual and fine dining concepts, the success of any restaurant operators is inextricably linked to providing a dining experience that caters to the residents, workers, shoppers, and visitors that frequent specific locations.  

Through a combination of advanced analytics and best-in-class Massive Mobile Data, Intalytics can assist you by identifying where your customers live, work, play, and travel. Armed with this comprehensive picture of consumer behavior, our forecasting models can quantify the contribution to sales of each customer population that you serve. Competitor placement and proximity, workplace concentrations, traffic and commuter patterns, site and situational characteristics, hotel room densities, and many other factors culminate in customized predictive models that seek to optimize the performance of each of your units. Predictive models can also be developed to enhance your customer acquisition efforts – identifying specific households and individuals that you should consider targeting and supporting message delivery through both offline and online channels.

In an industry growing ever more crowded by the day regarding available alternatives to consumers, stay one step ahead of your competition through a partnership with Intalytics. The insights gained through our customized analytics will ensure that your real estate strategies are shaped by an informed view of your growth and expansion opportunities, and that your direct marketing execution employs precision targeting.

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