Fitness centers. Car washes. Hair salons. Any organization with brick-and-mortar locations will benefit from analytical insights, particularly as they relate to informing site selection, new market entry and expansion, franchisee support, and consumer acquisition and retention strategies.

Intalytics supports service providers of all shapes and sizes, developing forecasting models tailored to your business, to the consumers that you serve, and to the industry in which you operate. Intalytics increasingly utilizes Massive Mobile Data for organizations lacking known customer data, enabling the creation of a comprehensive picture of the consumers that you serve – who they are from a demographic standpoint, and how they live their lives from a behavioral perspective.  

A partnership with Intalytics will position your real estate teams to more intelligently address “where”-based questions while empowering your marketing teams with the knowledge needed to inform the “who”-based challenges that they face. Through a combination of relevant datasets, advanced analytical techniques, cutting-edge technologies, and a depth and breadth of experience supporting clients across a variety of industries, a powerful suite of services awaits your organization.  

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