As the primary mechanism by which our clients interact with their custom real estate and marketing solutions, SiteIntel has evolved into the predictive analytics industry’s leading application for data visualization, forecasting, reporting, and target marketing. A web-based platform developed by Intalytics, SiteIntel features a flexible, scalable architecture that supports organizations of all shapes and sizes.

SiteIntel can be scaled for use in a true enterprise fashion across the entirety of your organization, from executives and deal-makers to analytical power users and franchisees, with configurable user groups and permission hierarchies. 


Data Visualization

View your data (locations, consumers), third-party data (competitors, demographics), and your analytical deliverables (trade areas, supportable store analysis results, etc.)

Massive Mobile Data Integration

Develop custom geofences for points of interest, define measurement window parameters, visualize device activity and distributions, and obtain insights into consumer behavior.

Forecasting Model Integration

Enhance forecast-generation through the use of any number of analytical intervention capabilities, including trade area editing, site characteristics adjustments, cannibalization (transfer) analysis, peer site (analog) analysis, and macro and disaggregate adjustments.

Targeting Model Integration

Define desired selection criteria, generate counts of your best prospective consumer targets, and fulfill list orders.

Data Management

Import, export, and manage data, bolstered by an out-of-the-box ability to support numerous database, mapping, analysis, and business-intelligence file types and formats


Generate reports ranging from standard demographics summaries to custom reports that emulate your current real estate committee packages for any geography of interest.

Clients include