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Intalytics provides a comprehensive suite of services that inform and shape successful real estate deployment strategies. Through decades of experience, our analytical team understands the factors that help drive successful location performance, as well as how these factors vary by industry.

Our focus is on developing customized solutions that address each client’s specific “where-based” business questions. We look forward to learning more about your real estate needs and sharing how we might effectively partner in support of your market-planning efforts.

Forecasting Models

From quantifying the performance potential associated with a prospective location, to identifying in-fill opportunities within existing markets, custom Forecasting Models from Intalytics will serve as a valuable input for your decision-making processes.

Using a variety of statistical techniques, Intalytics analyzes relevant datasets, including your consumers, demographics, and other third-party data, to understand the specific factors that impact the performance of your locations. We are passionate about the methodologies that we leverage on our clients’ behalf, and we take pride in our proven approaches to defining trade areas, developing customer profiles, calculating competitive impacts, and accounting for site and situational characteristics.

Intalytics develops and deploys a wide range of forecast models, from those forecasting top-line performance potential associated with a prospective site, to consumer segment-level and category-level models that provide more granular insights.

With a custom model or models in place, you have a variety of options to choose from when generating your forecast. Intalytics can serve as your outsourced research team, conducting forecast studies on your behalf. Additionally, Intalytics can deploy your models within our proprietary SiteIntel platform, empowering users within your organization to generate speed-of-thought insights in a true “on demand” fashion.

Supportable Analysis

Operators and investors alike are interested in the buildout potential associated with a particular brand. Intalytics solves for this business need by conducting a Supportable Analysis to identify the number and placement of incremental locations that can be supported within a defined area. We will work with you to collaboratively define the business rules that will be leveraged during this analysis, including the minimum performance thresholds for new locations and the maximum transfer or “cannibalization” impacts that can be exerted on existing locations.

For operators, the results of a Supportable Analysis will provide a comprehensive roadmap to prioritize new location deployments and market expansion. For investors, a Supportable Analysis defines the whitespace opportunity present, both for your existing portfolio companies and for potential acquisition targets.

Transfer Studies

A critical consideration of market expansion is determining the impact that opening a new location will have on existing locations in that same market. Intalytics quantifies these projected impacts, known as “transfer” or “cannibalization,” on behalf of clients through the development of Transfer Studies. This type of analysis is conducted both to assess the projected impact of new sites on corporate-owned units (for financial pro forma purposes), and on nearby franchisee units, which are particularly prevalent in the restaurant industry.

For clients lacking known consumer information, the emergence of Massive Mobile Data has enabled Intalytics to offer a cost- and time-effective means of quantifying current consumer distributions, providing distinct advantages over the traditional use of intercept surveys.

Forecast Studies

Clients often retain Intalytics to conduct Forecast Studies for proposed locations, either using the custom models that Intalytics has developed for a client or through ad hoc analysis that Intalytics conducts at a client’s request. This approach has proven beneficial to organizations that evaluate and open a limited number of units annually, as well as to organizations that prefer to outsource their market-planning and forecasting needs.

Forecast Studies are generally conducted in one of two distinct manners:

In-Office Forecast Study

Intalytics generates a forecast for a proposed location using a combination of the forecasting models and ad-hoc analysis and conducts an in-office audit of the applicable forecast. Our analysts review and adjust, as appropriate, the modeled trade area proposed for a location. They then audit the applicable forecast for each trade area sector, using the actual performance of existing client locations in comparable situations as a benchmark. They also consider any known site characteristics in the forecasting-study development process.

Fielded Forecast Study

In addition to all analysis aspects described in the In-Office Forecast Study, an Intalytics analyst visits the proposed site and assesses accessibility, site and situational characteristics, co-tenancies, competition, surrounding demographic profiles, and other relevant factors that may impact performance.

Disposition Analysis

As trade areas and consumer preferences evolve, the need to evaluate underperforming locations for potential closure or relocation can be an important exercise. Through the use of forecasting models developed on your behalf, or by way of ad-hoc analysis on your existing portfolio, Intalytics can provide a Disposition Analysis that will help inform decision-making about your current portfolio.

This process includes collaboration with you to ensure that we employ the appropriate business rules, such as minimum performance thresholds or recapture scenarios, on your behalf. As your partner, our goal is to ensure that an analytical approach pairs with the careful consideration that you give to decisions that impact consumers, employees, and communities as a whole.

Omnichannel Analysis

In today’s environment, it is increasingly important for retailers to provide consumers with an omni-channel (physical and virtual) shopping environment. Intalytics can help to quantify the interaction between both channels, including the relative importance of each consumer segment to overall performance and profitability, and the interaction, both positive and negative, between brick-and-mortar deployments and e-commerce sales.

Diligence Analysis

With an extensive background supporting leading private equity firms, family offices, investment banks, and others, Intalytics is frequently engaged to conduct Diligence Analyses that quantify the buildout potential for a particular brand or concept. We are expert at developing forecasting models and whitespace analysis within compressed timeframes, often with limited data-room access. Intalytics is increasingly leveraging Massive Mobile Data in diligence projects, resulting in more robust insights when consumer address data is unavailable.

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